Bubur Candil Meriah (Colorful Glutinous Rice Balls Sweet Porridge)

by - Saturday, January 30, 2010


Wait me! *running fast while holding a glass of Bubur Candil, then stopping* Okay, let me take breath first *so exhausted* hehehehe. Phew! Almost missing this month Masak Bareng Yuuk! (Let’s Cook Together) event – it’s the last day to submit the MasBar’s entry, dear. Actually, I had decided to take no participation in this month MasBar event since my thesis examination has been resecheduled on Feb 3th, yup three days to go. But, missing this month’s cool theme is a thing that I can regret hehe. Interesting theme for this month, Panganan Kaki Lima (Food ala Street Vendor *just like Mbak Rurie has said :D*). Btw, remember when I asked you for wishing me as-kind-as-the-blue-fairy examiners? Hehe, I got them conversely – the devilest ones! *sigh, my fortune hehe*.

Okay, no more babbling *need to study right away after this post :D*. Indonesia has a huge kinds of food sold by the street vendors – no need to mention, will be pages hehehe. Around my boardinghouse itself *campus area*, there are numbers of foodie street vendors.
In the morning: Chicken Porridge, Soto, Pecel, Nasi Jagung, etc
In the afternoon: Siomay, Batagor, Bakso, Cilok, Tempura, etc
In the evening: Chicken sate/satay, Molen, Gorengan (Deep-fried snacks), Lalapan, Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodle), Bakmie, Fried Rice, Mung Bean and Black Glutinous Rice sweet porridge, Tahu Kress (Crispy Tofu Puff), etc etc etc etc etceteraaaaaa…. :D

Bubur Candil or Glutinous Rice Balls Sweet Porridge becomes my choise for this month MasBar entry :D. These glutinuous balls are filled with enting-enting or what I should call it in English? *my English is poor hehe* May be its appearance resemble to Musli bar *the sweet one*. Enting-enting is a sweet bar made from skinned toasted butter nut with melted Javanese sugar/Palm sugar paste *sometimes added with toasted white sesame seeds*. It’s one of my favorite Indonesian traditional snacks. Bubur Candil is best enjoyed when it’s still warm and a perfect thing for cold rainy late afternoon or evening dish just like right now *rainy season in Indonesia :D*. This sweet porridge is a filling dish– a glass of warm Bubur Candil will satiate you enough :D. I peep the recipe from “Menu Ekonomis Resep Pilihan Keluarga: Bubur Manis” – a sweet porridge recipe book by Dian Digital Media *advertisement :P*. It’s called Bubur Candil Meriah (Merry Bubur Candil :P) since the balls come out in three different colors – pink *or pinkish red*, green, and white :)

Bubur Candil Meriah
(Colorful Glutinous Rice Balls Sweet Porridge)


100 gram glutinuous rice flour
100 gram rice flour
200 ml luke warm water
300 gram Javanese sugar / Palm sugar, carved (you can add if you want sweeter)
1000 ml water
1 Pandan leaf, form into a knot
100 gram rice flour *extra*
50 gram enting-enting kacang *butter nut enting-enting :D*
2 tbsp dried Basil seeds
2000 ml water
Some drops of pink/red and green food coloring

Cooking Directions:
1. Put enting-enting in a plastic bag then crush it with a pestle (no need to be well crushed), set aside. Soak the dried Basil seeds with 100 ml hot water in a bowl for about 10 minutes ‘til the seeds emerge outer jelly-ish skin, drain and side aside.
2. In another big glass bowl, mix glutinuous rice flour and the rice flour while being poured with luke warm water little by little until the dough marry well. After that, divide the dough into three parts: the first dough is to be colored by pink, the second one by green, and the last one is let to be white.
3. Clean and dry your hands. Take 2 tsp of white dough, form it into a ball. Flatten it, fill it with enting-enting, form it into a ball again. Do the same treatment to the pink and green dough.
4. Bring to boil 2000 ml water, bring in the balls and cook until done and floating, remove and drain. It’s better for you to cook the white balls first, then the green ones, and last the pink ones to avoid undesired color blend.
5. Pour 1000 ml water into a saucepan, add in carved Javanese sugar, EXTRA rice flour, and knotted Pandan leaf – stir up until the flour well fused. Turn on the heat, cook over low-medium heat ‘til boiling while continuously stirring. Add in the cooked balls, continue stirring and cook the porridge for some minutes. Remove from heat. Dish out in a glass or in a small bowl with soaked Basil seeds topping :D.

Bunga Kambodja

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  1. WOW! This colourful dessert really makes me drooling...

  2. Hadoh Tata!! You will make everyone 'ngidam' for that Bubur Candil. I love this dessert!

  3. wow, you are introducing another beautiful and tasty new food to me, thank you! anncoo is right, this dessert is really drool-worthy... and your photography is beautiful as always!

    now, get back to studying :-)

  4. What a lovely and modern bubur Candil. We sure have a lot of "comfort food" and this one is definitely fitting.

    Enting-enting kacang resembles "ground up" peanut brittle.

    Wishing you the best and success with your exam.


  5. I am so jealous of your desserts! Your photo is superb! And the plumeria is making me homesick>> :)

  6. fotonya cantik, pasti rasanya enak :) cari bubur ini di jakarta dimana ya???

  7. Loved learning about this pretty and colorful dessert! Your country seems like a foodie paradise...the street foods sound amazing! Beautiful photography, Tata :) Good luck!!!

  8. @Anncoo: Hohoho, thanks Anncoo. And sorry for making you drooling hehe (^^)v

  9. @Mbak Lia: Ya maap........ hehe. Thanks a bunch btw Mbak :D

  10. @Megan: Love to know if you learn something new about Indonesian food :D. Thanks for your sweet comments :D

  11. @Mbak Tuty: Thanks a lot Mbak Tuty :D. Thanks also for dropping by and telling me about the "ground up peanut brittle" :D. Yup, I come up with flying colors for my thesis exams :D

  12. @Sheri: hohoho, thanks a lot Sheri for your kind words :D. So, just take the pulmeria off to blow out your homesickness :D

  13. @Mbak M3noq: Hihihi, makacih Mbaaaaaakk :D. Rasanya ngeyangin dah hehe. Bikin ndiri mbak :D

  14. @Jenn: Thanks a lot Jenn. Yes, Indonesia is one food paradises in Asia. It offers a huge kinds of Asian culinary and also authentic culinary with rich aromatic spices ;D. You should give a visit to Indonesia by someday hehehe :D.

  15. Tabon, ini kan puteri mandi namanya, hehe...... Princes's shower, ha ha haaaaa....:p
    btw, nice pic, hebat deh....

  16. @Teh Ike: Hahaha, mana putrinya teteh? Wah, di buku resepnya ditulis begondang judulnya, jadi ai ngikut aja hehehe. Btw, makasih teteh :D


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