(MasBar) Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Sauce and BCW's 1st B'Day ^_^

by - Sunday, December 27, 2009


Here comes the end of 2009’s December… It’s time for MasBar again and taraaa!!! It’s my beloved blog first b’day! Yeah, my baby girl is one y.o now LOL. In one year, yeah in a year, I’ve got so much from this one year blogging. Firstly, I started blogging with just for fun reason and because I wanted to learn blogging – I didn’t expect before that I would have become like this, just like right now. This one year blogging has given me lots of friends :D. THANK YOU BLOGGER FOR THIS ONE AMAZING YEAR!!!

My blog is truly my WONDERLAND hehe :D. Have you ever realized, you with the people around the globe came as friend in bloggersphere because of what? You with the same nationality but living chattered on every nook of the world tied together as own-sisters because of what? Yes, FOOD – our passion for food. It’s amazing, even we can share happiness, laugh, joke, sad story, and like and feel as if that things happen to ourselves. Even we that come from places whose distances are millions miles away from each other can feel that those millions miles are nothing. For all my dear blogger friends, you are one of the best gifts in my life that I always remember you all, thank you so much for the friendship :D HUG HUG HUG HUGS!

Before blogging, writing completely was not my hobby and I disliked it. When I started to write my very first post, I completely had no idea about what story I had to write to accompany my recipe – it needed about 3 days to get the story idea. Yup, later I realized that writing was a hard job for me since I was not accustomed to it. But now, thanks blogging you have helped me a lot in improving my writing skill hehehe :D. Yea, I know I know… My English mastery level is still poor hehe. Beside I’m still learning cooking, I’m also still learning English *and this is the place where I will always learn :D*--> so, don’t be surprised that my presence in this blog could be both cooking and English disaster hahahaha LOL!

Away from friends, writing, and photography; blogging also taught me about so many new names of places from many different countries. Try me, now I can mention almost all of the states of the US hehehe *but again, ALMOST :D*. Now I also know that Gibraltar is a name of both strait and country and that both US and Australia have a city named Melbourne LOL!


Okay, now stop babbling about blogging Tata! For MasBar entry, today I come across with Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Sauce. I actually have posted it before in Bahasa Indonesia here. I’ve changed up my mind for three times about what to post for MasBar. But, I decided to come up with this pudding since: 1). There are a lot of my friends who have posted yummy food for their entries – so I have to go with something different this time, and something sweet is a good idea; 2). Puding Coklat Saus Vanila (Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Sauce) is the most popular post in my blog that many people from many different places landed here on my blog by searching for this recipe - I want to celebrate the end of year 2009 with my blog’s most popular post :D. I got the original recipe from Mbak Sefa’s Multiply blog, again thanks Mbak for the yummy recipe :D.

Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Sauce


1 pack colorless agar (gelatin) *white agar* (7gr)
400 ml water
50 gram sugar
200 gram Dark Cooking Chocolate (DCC), melted
2 sachets sweet chocolate-flavored condensed milk (I used Frisian Flag as always :D)
1 egg yolk, lightly beaten

Vanilla Sauce:
1 tsp Vanilla powder
1 tbsp cornstarch
2 sachets white sweet condensed milk (Frisian Flag again :D)
1 egg yolk, lightly beaten
200 ml water
A pinch of salt

Cooking Directions:
Chocolate Pudding
1. Mix all pudding ingredients in a saucepan. Stir evenly til’ all ingredients marry well with each other *he???* hehehe (--‘). Cook over a medium heat while stirring continuously.
2. After boiling and done, remove from heat. Continue stirring to reduce the hot damp.
3. Slightly wet the pudding mold with cool cooked-water.
4. Pour the pudding into the mold.
5. Let it cool down and remove it into the fridge.

Vanilla Sauce
1. Mix all sauce ingredients in a saucepan. Stir evenly. Cook on a medium heat while continuously stirring until thickens and done.
2. Turn the heat off. Cool the sauce down.
3. Serve the pudding with the Vanilla Sauce. If you like, you can add Strawberry slices to beautify your chocolate pudding :D.


And before I end this last post of 2009…
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!! Wish you all a very happy new year :D. Hope that 2010 will be the source of happiness, success, and PEACE for all the people all over the world! Amin.

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  1. glek glek, Ta.. kayaknya enak banget tuh puding panas2 gini.. ngeces dah..

  2. Give me one ... give me one!! Yummy pudding, I don't know how many times I have to tell you how nice your picture is. It's nice to know you through blogging and hope we will be a good virtual friend for the coming year too. Happy New Year Tata! Hope the New Year bring happiness and more blessing for you :)

  3. Love love that pudding, would you share with, please?

    Happy new year Tata!!!!

  4. Beautiful New Years wishes...thank you and wishing you a most wonderful 2010, Tata! Thanks for these awesome recipes!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. What a beautiful pudding - can't wait to try it! Happy anniversary to your lovely blog!! And happy new Year!

  7. ah blognya keren...
    jadi pengen blajar masak!!!
    thx for sharing it...
    gw bisa panggi lo apa ya??

  8. @Mbak Wani: Ehehehe, kagak kayaknye. Emang endang huehuehuehue...

  9. @Mbak Lia: Thanks Mbak Lia. I'm also happy to have a friend like you too :D. We are BFF, aren't we? Hehehe ;) and Happy New Year!!!

  10. @Mbak Pepy: Ah... you come so late Mbak Pep. I had devastated it :D. Happy New Year too Mbak Pep!!

  11. @Bentobird: Thanks a lot Bentobird! :D. So, give the pudding a try :D. Wish you a beautiful and blessed new year too!

  12. @Flying Lily: Merci Flying Lily! Let me know about your pudding after you've given it a go. Happy New Year! :D

  13. @Asrie: Makasih Asrie. Makasih sudah mampir ya! Ayo semangat belajar masak. Panggil Tata aja :D

  14. Buat dessert emang paling siip, cantik fotonya, mantabb pudingnya.

  15. @Mbak Retno: Setuju ma Mbak Retno. Danke Mbak :D

  16. Hi, I came over from Rachel's blog. I love this chocolate pudding, looks so yummy and oh..your bentos too~very beautiful, can't stop admiring every posts.

  17. @Anncoo: Thanks a bunch Anncoo. So glad with your coming here :D


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