Cinnamoroll Bento and Winning a Bento Competition

by - Monday, December 21, 2009


I was sitting on a chair *and so bored* this morning with some of my friends waiting for my thesis advisor that had been late for an hour for thesis advisory in my Department’s office when a delightful sms vibrated my mobile phone - Oh, from my boardinghousemate. “Ta, the package you’ve been waiting for has arrived!”, said the short message. And, “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!” *with an expression just like seeing a ghost hehehe*, yes, screaming, was my first response hehe.

Friend: “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Tata: “Yes! Yes! Yes! I gotta leave now! Bye friends!”

Friend: “Leave? Where’re you going? Don’t you want to wait PJ *our thesis advisor hehe* for any minutes?”

Tata: “Nope! He has been late for an hour, I think he’s not gonna come. My package is waiting for me… heheheheh”

Friend: “Package?” --> ????? *Is it more important than meeting with PJ?* hehehe

Walking, running, walking, running, in a rush, happily, bored face turned out to be a happy pinky face --> Can’t wait to hug my package and give it my biggest smile hahahaha.

My happy dance hehe :D

In Boardinghouse

“Where’s ma package???” --> very happy, doing an octopus dance :D. I hugged, kissed, and gave it my most beautiful smile :D *not grinning ear to ear but grinning from north pole to south pole hehehe, yup I love to be lil’ bit exaggerating :D*. I directly take some pictures of it after that. When all Christians around the world *especially kids* waiting for Xmas presents from Santa Claus, I got it in advance from him disguising as a postman LOL. Though I’m not Christian and do not celebrate Christmas, when I was a kid I loved to make a white and red sock presents bag from paper and then hung it behind my room’s door with the hope that Santa would give every kid around the world presents no matter what the beliefs they have hehehe. I loved to watch Santa Claus cartoons *full of presents, presents, and presents, kids love it* and I would like to do the same thing the kids in the cartoons did to get presents from Santa *Ah, kids LOL*. And I would always find my sock empty hehehe. But I never get angry with Santa for my always-empty-sock since I know he’s very busy preparing millions piles of presents for kids around the globe. But, since he knows I’m a good one that never gets angry with him, he sent me the presents this year through a postman and IN ADVANCE for sure hehehe.

Winning Bento Competition

The words I wanna say to Cakuli are only THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU till I get exhausted saying it :D. Thank you for the Bento Competition you had arranged and conducted and of cos so much thank you for the presents, I LOVE THEM! Love love love and so many loves. Friends, please visit Cakuli’s bento blog here and here. There are lots of cute bento and also bento-info there :D, sure you’ll love Cakuli’s blogs. I seldom open my blog at Multiply for either checking or updating it, and when one day I opened it, I got a message from Cakuli that she invited me to join a bento competition she had arranged. I happily received her invitation and yeay!!! I won! :D. At that time, I only had a short time to make and to submit the bentos as the entries to the competition – so I’m sorry for not sharing the info with you all here in my blog (^^)v.

Bento Stuff 1

Bento Stuff 2

Here are the prizes Cakuli has sent to me: Pretty Hello Kitty box, egg molds, cube rice mold, cutlery, food picks, food cups, sauce containers, and cute pink Hello Kitty spoon :D. So lots, eh? Yippee!!! Thank you sista! I received all of them “safe and sound” hehe :D

Cinnamoroll Bento

I submitted two bentos for the competition; both were Sanrio-characters-themed ones since I would get double points for Sanrio themes. I had Cinnamoroll and Chococat bentos. I don’t know which bento that has made me won but I’ll let you know the Cinnamoroll one first since it was the one I submitted first to Cakuli :D. I fell in love with Sanrio’s characters after I had googled them, I’d love to try them all on my bentos, but first I had to choose one which was simple to make. And Cinnamoroll was the one that won my first choice (It’s simple to make for a bento maker with super simple weapons like me – only a knife, scissor, and paper puncher hehehe, but now I have more given by Cakuli ;D). Curious about Cinnamoroll? Okay, let’s little bit get closer with Cinnamoroll :D. Cinnamoroll is a blue eyed white puppy with long ears that enable him to fly. He has a plump and curly tail that resembles a Cinnamon Roll. (Wikipedia) Cinnamoroll's real name is Cinnamon. One day, the owner of Cafe Cinnamon, a little cafe, looked up to see a white puppy floating out of the sky like a fluffy cloud. “I wonder if he came because he smelled my cinnamon rolls.” She thought. He had a curly tail just like a cinnamon roll, so she called him Cinnamon.


If you stare at my Cinnamoroll bento thoroughly you may notice a thin stick on Cinnamoroll left side, eh? Is it tooth pick? Yes, it is hehe. I used it to pin my egg sun flower but I forgot to cut it since when I was just going to do that my mobile phone rang and I had to pick up my friend’s call hehehe. I noticed this left tooth pick when I was editing the photo with Adobe PS CS :D. Nothing special accompanied the bento actually, as you can see from the pick :D.

Hope I can use all of these cute bento stuffs to make bentos right away, but I’m afraid I have to delay it since I have a hard time to make ones by now. And the bentos I had posted recently and will be posted next are the ones in my old folder :D. Hope I can finish my thesis quickly so I can have a lovely time bentoing again with these cool stuffs :D.

Have a nice long holiday and Happy Xmas for all my friends who celebrate it! :D


Again, Thanks Cakuli! Happy Xmas sista! :D

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  1. Oh congrats on the competition, your cinnmoroll bento is so cute!

  2. Beautiful bento! You have a way with making things come to life. :D

  3. Congrats Tata on the winning the bento competition!! Lovely and cute bento, highly art work (^.^)

  4. Congratulation Tata!!! hohoho your cinnamoroll is very cute. No wonder you won the prize..

  5. @Amaa: Danke Amaa, you got a big hug from Cinnamoroll hehehe :D

  6. @Susan: Your comments are always encouraging Susan, thanks a lot (^_^)

  7. @Mbak Lia: Oh, your comment now makes me weightless mbak, oops! I'm flying now! hihihihi :D Terimakasiiiiiiiiiihh....

  8. @Mbak Wani: Thanks a bunch Mbak Wani :D. Cinna gets his chicks blushing for you say he is so cute! ;D

  9. I love this sweet and cheerful bento, Tata! It is just too adorable! And congrats!

  10. Woo hoo congratulations and well deserved!! So cute bento.

  11. @Bentobird: Thank you so much Bentobird! :D. Cinna is so happy for he gets lots of fans now hehehe ^_^

  12. @Flying Lily: Mochas gracias Flying Lily! :D. All of your bentos are cute too ^_^ love them!

  13. Goshh those all look so cute.. hello kitty


  14. @Mbak Pepy: Thanks Mbak Pep! I'm so happy to receive all of those cute stuffs :D

  15. cakep banget.....
    anakku sampe teriak: "mau yang kayak gini ma..." hehehe...
    congrats ya....:D

  16. @Kak Tjun: Hahaha, kena' deh! Makasih banyak Kak. Makasih juga udah mampir :D

  17. Tata, bagus bangeth cinnamoroll wonder jadi pemenang...selamat ya non...

    btw aku bakal banyak tanya neh ama kamu ttg dunia perbentoan..hehehe..boleh ya? thx

  18. @jot14: Thanks a bunch sist :D. Wah, aku juga masih belajar ngebento kok. Belajar bareng2 ya hehehe :D


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