Chubby Boy n’ Girl Bento & Henna-ing Hands

by - Friday, December 11, 2009


He left me for a week to Malaysia… He?? Yes, my thesis advisor hehehehe, so let’s be away awhile from thesis and welcome blogging – Hola mi amigas! :D. Ehm… think think think! Should I post bento or something else? Yep, bento I guess – old bento from my old folder with asturo paper for the eyes LOL, my regular readers must know the reason why I used asturo paper hehe. Okay, I made this bento with my boardinghousemate, Tyaz, on a Sunday morning many months ago. On that Sunday morning I was so bored – didn’t have any mood for cooking since I didn’t have any ingredients stored in the fridge. And the good news was Tyaz would always know how to make happiness and smiles back on my face by asking me to make bento together using her ingredients. Hurray!!! Let’s cook! :D. And finally, a super simple bento came out with two chubby cuties. It’s just for fun bento :D. We molded the steamed rice with a jam glass. The red hairs were made from Bernard’s burger beef, heart shape made from fried chicken nugget, eyes and mouths from asturo paper :P, blushes from hot chili tomato sauce, and ribbon from red chili.


Tyas and I enjoyed this mini simple bento in our boardinghouse’s livingroom – we cross-legged sat on a carpeted-floor and placed the bento on a small low table hehehe, she had the girl and I had the boy. We also made a big bottle of Nutrisari (Orange drink) – had little food and got Nutrisari-drunk (too much LOL). We drank the Nutrisari in a small glass for many times just like the Japanese do when they drink sake – yeah, that’s what we did to kick out the boredom hahaha LOL. Since we got too much with the liquid inside our tummies, we then lied down on the carpet --> being silent for some minutes, then we did a LOL for something crazy we had done then ran in a rush to the toilet and did a LOL again hehehe. Hmm, one of great times I had with Tyas *o… my little sista* I think :D.

And… what else I can tell you? Ehm… Henna-ing! This is a month where many muslims who have made pilgrimage back home from Mecca including some of my boardinghousemates’ parents. Yippee, got the sprinkle of stuffs brought from Mecca. If my friends love to get henna paste or *what should I call it* black pencil/powder to blacken the eyelid *used as cosmetic*, I love to have Arabic raisin and nuts, date fruits or candies hehe LOL – it’s always food-snack-food-snack for Tata Bon :D. And what my friends always ask me after they hand that henna paste is --> “Henna my hand, please…”. Yup, that’s my unofficial signature job in the boardinghouse, a henna-drawer hehehe. I myself don’t like to use henna *I like my hands and nails clear :D*, but since my friends know that I like to draw Batik patterns or traditional flower patterns, they love to ask me to henna their hands *LOL, they love to use their henna to draw their hands not to color their nails :D*. In one sit, I could spend one to two sachets henna paste and drawing 3 to 6 friends, but I never get bored to do that thing, I love this activity *just draw with the flow :D* and since one of my hobbies is drawing or painting :D. Unfortunately the pipe hole of henna’s container was too big *for me* that I couldn’t draw with beautiful henna paste flow *sigh*. If I used triangled-cone plastic with small hole just like the one used for cake decorating I think the result would be better. But, it has been already so pleasurable to know my friends satisfied with my draws on their hands :D. Their next request is to henna their hands with Batik pattern *sigh, they still have henna paste stocks*. The patterns I used were my own, I never had an effort to surf in the internet looking for the original pattern used in middle-eastern or India – but I think I will after this, it sounds so interesting to be deeply explored :D.



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  1. Woooow... my beutiful hand is on your blog!! :D

  2. You happy, eh?? Pay for me, being posted on my blog isn't free! :P

  3. Nice story about you and your sister ^-^ And cute bento ;)

    I like it to read about your henna work, hehe ^.^

  4. @Lil'chan: Thanks Lil'chan! You should try henna by someday - it's fun :D

  5. Surely chubby and absolutely cute bento Ta! Ah ... it's very nice to do all the Henna things with your buddies. I saw it in Singapore at Little Indian Arcade but never try it (^.^)

  6. I was kinda smiling to see the hairs of the bento.

    I tried henna once when I traveled to Pakistan. My buddy's sister put on my arms.

  7. @Mbak Lia: Thanks Mbak Lia. Yes, getting around with henna is fun indeed :D. Ah... unfortunately you didn't try it. You should have try it when you go to Singapore next time :D *" hehehehe

  8. @Mbak Pepy: What's wrong with the hairs? what's wrong? what's wrong? * and* hehehehe. Do they look like Nobita's and Dora the Explorer's?? The girl's suddenly reminds mine when I was a little girl *I was such a cute chubby little girl with Dora's hair --> wkwkwkwkwkwk ;D*

    Waaaawww... you've had henna with a Pakistani *now -->, it must have been great yo Mbak?* :D

  9. Oh, your bento is so cute! I wonder what it tasted like. And I love henna, too. Your friends forearms look so beautiful, you are talented. I wish I could wear that...but as a nurse my forearms have to be free of everything and clean looking :(

    Just posted a recipe for the greek rice you commented on in my blog, so please come over and have a look :P

  10. cute bento, i will certainly feel guilty for eating such a cute thing =]

    love your blog, just added you into my blogroll, looking forward to sharing more yummy foodie posts with you.

    ~Merry Christmas~

  11. Very cute bento! I love the henna, I always wanted one done. Maybe you can do it for me? :) Beautiful work!

  12. @Amaaris: Danke Amaaris :D. It tastes just like enjoying steamed rice with fried burger beef, yummy. If you mean about asturo paper, I didn't eat it. It was just for photo shots hehehehe. I think you still can use henna by washing it before it get well dry *on your holiday :P*. Go to your Greek rice recipe directly :D. Thanks for sharing :D

  13. @My Taste Heaven: Thank you :D. I sometimes feel guilty too. Love to have your visit and thanks for the link :D.

    Have a happy Christmas :D

  14. @Susan: Thanks a bunch Susan. I'd love too to put one on your hand. But, I think I need Doraemon's magic door first to get there in Hawaii hehehehe LOL :D


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