(MASBAR) Deep-Fried Shrimps ala BIE FONG TONG

by - Thursday, November 26, 2009


Masbar! Masbar! Tem tem dem dem dem! Masbar Masbar! Tem tem dem dem dem! *Hehe, has been influenced by Thalita Latief and Ruben Onsu’s “anthem” song when they are hosting a music program, On the Spot, every evening on TRANS7. Yeah, it’s time for Masbar again; it feels just like yesterday I posted my Bento for Masbar’s previous entry - time flies so fast *sigh*, how many wings does time actually have??? *so wonder about it, anyone?*

By the way, you can laugh at me -a (kind-of) hiatus announcement then there were three posts after it just in about two weeks? LOL, what was my (kind-of) hiatus announcement for? Haha, okay let me tell you… Firstly I thought that doing thesis would draw my entire time and life that there would be no time for blogging. But, since I managed to do it with (yeah say) a good discipline hehe, I could finish the early chapters faster than the time I’ve planned; so I could spend few times to write and update my blog :D *grin ear to ear*. And do you know what I did when I was sooooo boring reading so many reference books and typing for my big project? *you don’t lah hihi* You can laugh me again - having fun by tinkering with some CSS codes for blogspot templates LOL. I’ve been falling in love recently with blogspot’s templates adapted from Wordpress. Besides finishing my big project as soon as possible, another big desire of mine for this time actually is I want to personalize my blog *confuse, using Wordpress or Blogspot??*. I’m so eager to use Wordpress, but it means I need more time to learn about its CSS if I want to modify the template I’m going to use *I like to modify, I like my blog’s appearance to be different with the others’ hehe and I needed about a month to modify this blog --> went from and with zero knowledge about CSS and ended up with a knew-little about it LOL*. But I don’t have any ideas when it will come to a realization, will it be just a dream?? Yup, this dream is too high, too high, too high, and too high to reach and to be come true. Sob sob sob, but dreaming is free, eh? No need to pay to dream hehehe. When my classmate also my boardinghousemate, Tiu, knew about my desire and she found me sinking myself in the enjoyment of tinkering with CSS codes --> she would take a heavy and thick Oxford dictionary from my book shelf and lifted it with her hand… and do you know what would happen next??? She “bang” that heavy dictionary on me! And… “Ouch!!!!” She would run away and I would catch her --> the World War 3rd was on 88A Boardinghouse *you can draw the picture* hahaha. She likes to say, “Finish your thesis right away and then get job and get lots of money to pay your personal blog’s fee! Don’t waste your time playing with those dizzying code clusters! You’re SOOO NOT *with Hannah Montana's style* gonna meet with those codes in your thesis examination!”. LOL, she was COMPLETELY right, phew… she sometimes seems more “ferocious” than my mother hahahaha (^^)v. But, thanks God for sending her as my best friend who always supports me for something better, love you much Tiu!!! Hugs :D – but don’t bang me with that heavy Oxford dictionary again! :P


But now I’ve come to an entrance of a more serious chapter hehehe, it needs me for an extra critical thinking that means it also needs my extra time *phew!*. So, I’ve actually managed to “get out” temporarily again from blogging sphere but missing a Masbar event for this month is not a good idea though. I want to take a part and to welcome our new Masbar admin Madam, Madam Rurong aka Mbak Rurong of Just a Thought :D *Sugeng rawuh Madaaaaammmm…. Wkwkwkwkwk (^^)v, jo dilokne arek gemblung lho yo!!! Hehe*. So much thank you for other Masbar admins, Mbak Deethong of Mlebu Pawon and Mbak Shinta of Berkreasi di Dapur Mungil for interesting Masbar theme for this month – SHRIMPS!!! Yeay! I love love love love shrimps! Life is sooo strange – I used to hate shrimps in the pasts since I was allergic to shrimps *terrible – a big allergic*. But now??? Ohohoho… Don’t ask, I’m a big fan of them - will always ask for them and love to have them on my plate everyday (if I can hehehehe). Wanna know the story how I’ve made friend with shrimps? You can read this post.

I post this DEEP-FRIED SHRIMPS ala BIE FONG TONG for Masbar’s entry and as my post before I DISAPPEAR again – yup, I’m going to DISAPPEAR again! My thesis needs me than before hehehe. But, if I APPEAR again with my post not long after this post --> don’t be surprised and you can laugh me again! :D. I got this recipe from our previous Masbar admin, Mbak Ayin of AG’s Food that got her recipe originally from HERE. Her Bie Fong Tong Shrimps looked so delicious that tempted me to give it a go. And this is it! :D

Deep-Fried Shrimps


Fried Shrimps:
300 gram shrimps (big or medium size) --> peeled, deveined, and washed
1 egg (small size), beat until foaming
125 gram corn starch (add if needed)
Enough ground white pepper and salt to taste
Enough Calamondin or lime juice
Oil to fry

Spice I:
2 tbsp crispy fried garlic
Enough ground white pepper and fine salt (the soft one) to season

Spice II:
2 cloves of garlic, bruised
2 paddy chilies or bird eye chilies, sliced
1 green onion, finely sliced

1. Fried Shrimps: Rub the shrimps with the mix of calamondin/lime juice, ground white pepper, and salt. Let them rest for about 10-15 minutes, then strain. Place the shrimps in a bowl and pour the beaten egg on them, stir well. Take a shrimp and roll it on dry corn starch, coat the shrimp well. Apply to the rest. Heat a good amount of oil over medium heat. Deep fry the shrimps until golden yellow, strain and set aside.
2. Spice I: While deep frying the shrimps, pound coarsely the crispy fried garlic (don’t need to grind it until soft). Mix it with ground white pepper and salt, set aside.
3. Heat 1 tbsp oil on a non stick pan and sauté Spice II: garlic and paddy chilies first (til’ fragrant) then add green onion. Stir well and continue sautéing for a while until wilted.
4. Add in the deep fried shrimps, stir evenly. Add the mix of Spice II, mix well again. Remove from heat. Transfer on a plate and serve right away.


Udang Tepung Goreng ala BIE FONG TONG

Udang Tepung Goreng:
300 gram udang (ukuran boleh besar boleh sedang) --> buang kulit kepala, belah punggungnya trus ilangin uratnya, cuci bersih deh
1 telur ukuran kecil, dikocok ampek berbusa ya
125 gram tepung maizena (jika kurang boleh tambah)
Merica bubuk dan garam secukupnya
Air jeruk nipis secukupnya
Minyak goreng

Bumbu I:
2 sdm bawang putih goreng
Merica bubuk dan garam halus secukupnya

Bumbu II:
2 siung bawang putih, geprek
2 cabe rawit, iris-iris
1 daun bawang, iris halus

Cara Membuat:
1. Udang Tepung Goreng: Lumuri udang dengan campuran air jeruk nipis, garam, dan merica bubuk. Diamkan kurleb 10-15 menit sampai bumbu terserap, tiriskan. Letakkan udang disebuah mangkok lalu masukkan kocokan telur, aduk rata. Ambil seekor udang lalu gulingkan di atas tepung maizena kering, balut udang sampai rata. Lakukan sampai selesai. Panaskan minyak di atas api sedang. Goreng udang sampai kuning keemasan dan matang. Tiriskan dan sisihkan.
2. Bumbu I: Sementara goreng udang, ulek kasar bawang putih goreng (inga’-inga’ gak boleh sampai halus, kasaran ajah) lalu campur dengan merica bubuk dan garam. Sisihkan.
3. Panaskan 1 sdm minyak goreng lalu tumis Bumbu II: bawang putih dan cabe rawit duluan sampe wangi trus masukin daun bawangnya. Tumis lagi bentar sampai layu.
4. Masukkan udang goreng, aduk rata. Tambahkan Bumbu II, aduk rata lagi. Angkat dan sajikan. Taraaa!!! Nyam nyam nyam :D


While posting this post, I can hear the Takbir echo from my campus’ mosque – a sign that tomorrow Moslems will celebrate Eid al-Adha. Happy Eid al-Adha for all my friends who celebrate it! Wish you have a happy Eid :D. Wish I could go home, celebrate the Eid with my family, and ask a bowl of Gulai or curry with ketupat (rice cakes) to my Mom for tomorrow (T_T) *tears….* Bundoooooooo…………….

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  1. You are very good in cooking Ta. Your deep-fried shrimps are so mouthwatering. Nice photography as always d(^.^)b

  2. Ahaha, your comment makes my head feels like a ton in weight Mbak Lia. Thank you Mbak :D, yours too...

  3. Fotonya bener2 menggiurkan, bikin laperrr

  4. Wow, the shrimp looks delicious!!! Beautiful photos too. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Gorgeous photos and those shrimp look just incredible. Great post!!

  7. @Mbak Retno: Makasih Mbak Retno, sepiring nasi gak cukup deh hehehe :D

  8. @Susan: Yes, they are Susan. I really enjoyed them with two plates of warm steamed rice *a single plate wasn't enough LOL*. Thanks btw for your supportive comment :D

  9. @Bentobird: Thanks a bunch Bentobird. Yes, they are. You should give the shrimps a go :D

  10. Wow, I'm impressed. You have the time to post such a great, large entry with lots of really beautiful pictures, and that in a time like this, busy with your thesis ^-^
    Great ;)

  11. @Lil'chan: Thanks Lil'chan :D. You've managed your busy time well too. With your tight time finishing your bachelor thesis you could update your blog with ur lovely bentos :D

  12. Bie fong tong is really yummy. Tried one recipe from Cik Ine, then that recipe became my problem solving most of the time if I don't know what to cook :D

  13. @Mbak Pepy: Yes, it is. Setujaaaa sama Mbak Pepy hehe :D. Same here mbak, I like to make it when there's no food that can raise my appetite :D. I'd love to have it as snack too :D


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