Lib-Time Snackie and Another Award!

by - Friday, November 20, 2009


Kimchi Kimchi Kimchi *pronounce them fast hehe* Kimchi Kimchi Kimchi *humdrum!* Yep… get a slight kick of ennui from continual Kimchi posts, eh? So, let’s be away a while from Korean food Parade. To neutralize this ennui, now I come across with my lib-time snackie post. Lib-time snackie? You know, going to the library looking for references for my last “big project” is the most frequent activity I did recently, so I sometimes bring some snackies to enjoy while I’m dating some lovely books there in the library hehehehe. Is it allowed? I’m not sure but I think it’s not, but there’s still no announced official rule about it hehe (^^)v *bad student*. But, don’t worry… my snackie box is very small *though in the picts it isn’t*. I can slip it into my big pen and pencil case. My breakfast time in the morning is between 9 to 10 and I often go to the library at that time - but I can’t force myself to have breakfast earlier since at 9 to 10 I’ll get hungry again eventhough I had breakfast before, so queer eh? Now it’s clear that I bring snackie to the library in order that I can feed me myself on the right time my belly needs to be feed. I usually bring small sandwiches with Blueberry or Strawberry jam, mini KitKat, candies and gums, fruits, croquettes, and fruity box drinks. If I manage visiting library for a moderate time I’ll only have some mini snackies and candies, and I’ll bring a bigger portion for a longer time.

Actually there’s a small canteen in the lib on the second floor, but the food and snacks available there are mostly deep fried ones accompanied by cold soft drinks – ugh… not so good and healthy for breakfast *give me another reason to bring my own snacks*. I love to enjoy my lib-snackies on the cozy warm-carpeted lib corner on the second floor near opened glass window where there’s a long low desk I usually place my laptop and a stack of books and hide my small snackie box under it hehehe. This place is so strategic; no one has discovered me having my snackies. But there’s once when I was enjoying fragrant dices of Gadung mango flesh, two girls passed through in front of my desk and one of them asked her friend --> “Do you smell any mangoes?”. And her friend replied, “Yes, but where does this good smell come from? Ah, may be from those ripe mangoes out there on the trees, see?”. The first girl said, “Ah yeah, I think so. Great, our campus will harvest a good amount of sweet mangoes this year!”. Both girls then laughed and walked away from me (^^). What I could do was only laughing hard inside while hiding my face behind an opened book I was holding on *LOL*. Yup, I was saved by a fact that my campus library is surrounded by many trees of some kinds of fruit tree including mango trees that now are in season and produce many fragrant ripe mangoes (^^)v.


O yea, I am SO HAPPY too for I got another award from dear blogger fellow Mbak Lia of Bentolicious, mochas gracias hermana Liaaaaaa (^^) yippee!!! Mbak Lia is a genuine bento maker talent. Her bento ideas are always creative and inspiring. Her bentos often make me amazed and spent couples minutes starring at her lovely bento photos. I personally believe that she’s gonna be a pioneer of bento mom in Indonesia hehehe. I’ll always be your biggest supporter mbak :). This third award needs me to mention 7 things about myself then I have to nominate 7 other bloggers for this award. And these are 7 things about myself:

7 Things about Me

1. Laaaaaaaazzzyyyy gal and Dreamer Princess! Hehehe. Don’t need to explain further more about it hehehehe.

2. Barbie Phobia!!!! Haaa???? What a shame! Yes, tell me about it! Actually I’m not afraid when I see Barbie pictures or watch Barbie movies, I like it, and she’s beautiful. But, when I’m showed a real Barbie directly in front of me… Help me!!! Will run away and hide somewhere. I can’t explain exactly the reason of my phobia, just afraid when I meet her directly. I sometimes have a scary thought when someday in the future I have a daughter that asks me to buy her a Barbie, what should I do then???

3. A big fan of Korean dramas – yes, just like Mbak Lia (^^). Lee Min Ho!!! Ahahahae. And now I’m suffering from fever of recent phenomenal Korean Drama, The Great Queen Seon Deok. Great drama, great drama, great drama! You’ve to watch it! (^^).

4. A shy girl, hehehehe, am I??? I say, YES!!!

5. Philatelist, yes I’m a stamps collector. But, in this facebook, blog, and e-mail era, it’s kinda difficult to continue this hobby. So sad…. :’(

6. Have a big desire of becoming a web designer but have no serious efforts to do so hihihihihi.

7. *Still* A big fan of Irish Boyband, WESTLIFE :D. But if I let you go… I will never know… What my life would be holding you close to me… Will I ever see you smiling back at me... How will I know... If I let you go... (^^)


And eighth *seven is not enough actually!* --> I LOVE to laugh laugh laugh laugh and laugh, hahaha hihihi heuheuheu hohoho ehehehehehe (^^)v. The first requirement to state 7 *ehm, eight!* things about myself is done. And now… Ah, I hate when it comes to the choosing session. So, I looked for my friends who I haven’t given an award yet to before, and this award goes to…

Bundazasha of Cozy Corner
Mbak Rachmah of Kedai Rachmah
Jessiah Thieleta of ~ Hello thar! ~ (^_^)..y
Mbak Shelvy of LS Food
Mbak Lina of Sisi-Lina
Atut of The Story Goes
Mushima Hawani of Fun Time of Being Mom

I’d also like to give this award for my boardinghousemate Sari of My L1fe, for she has been working hard recently learning blogging on her new blog :), enjoy this award sista! Yang semangat belajar ngeblog yooo nduuukkk genduukk!!! Ngkok lek gak iso tak warai… hehehehe, keminter yoo aku ikii?? :P

And these are pictures of new great Korean drama, The Great Queen Seon Deok…



Photos are taken from HERE

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  1. It's fun to read about your likes and dislikes! Nice snack bento. :)

  2. @Susan: Hehehe... thanks Susan. So happy if my writing creates laughs or smiles on the readers :D

  3. thanks for the award make me laugh reading your likes and dislikes. you're amusing..:)

  4. Nice to know you a little bit closer from the 7 things about you list hehehe ... Halyu Wave rock!! I am currently watching the Great Queen Seon-Deok too.

  5. @Bundazasha: You're welcome Bundaaaa... You do deserve it :D. Aku amusing ya??? Hihihihi

  6. @Mbak Liaaaa: You aren't a supporter of Mi Shil, are you?? Hehehehe. But, lil' bit disappointed with the actor for Hwarang Yu Sin, he's cool but --> CARI YANG CAKEPAN DIKIT DONK, ITU KAN YANG JADI OM OM GENIT DI MY SASSY GIRL YANG NAKSIR MA CHUNYANG HIKS2... Coba yang jadi Sang Jendral Lee Min Hoo!!! Hohohoho ratingnya bakal gak ketulungan deh! Hwehehehehe...


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