(Kind-of) HIATUS

by - Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Kind-of? Yes, I use “kind of” since it feels so hard for me to use only “Hiatus”. By looking at the picture I’m sure you can guess the reason of my kind-of hiatus. Yup, now I have a hard time to up date my blog for I have to concern with my study’s “last big job” to get my S1 degree title. My kind-of hiatus will run may be for next 3 to 5 months. But, since it’s “kind-of” - not a “pure” hiatus, I will still up date my blog (insya Allah) yeah…. may be once in one or two weeks – at leats once in a month *sounds so tragic for me actually – but it’s better than nothing at all LOL*. Believe me, it IS so hard for me :’( - but my study is my highest priority for this time. So, for my dearest foodie bloggermates: keep up your good works! Gonna miss to see and drop some comments to your posts *sure I will visit your blogs and leave some comments when I’m googling looking for additional references for my “big Job” :D. Now I welcoming myself to a world where I have to spend almost of my entire time reading hundreds of thick and heavy reference books and typing in front of my laptob *hope these tedious activities won’t add any minus for my lens LOL*. Wish me luck! :D



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  1. I agree Ta, your study is the biggest priority right now ... Will miss your great posting though but I know you will posting more after you done your big project (^.^) All the best for you, hope you can get the highest marks for all your subjects.

  2. Thanks a bunch Mbak Lia... Semoga aku cepet lulus hehe q(^0^)p

  3. Miss your blogging, but good luck on your studies! :)

  4. Thanks Susan! Will miss visiting your blog too :D


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