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by - Thursday, October 22, 2009

Go Go Kitty Bento 1
Yoooo Hoooo!!! I love this month’s theme of Masak Bareng Yuuk! (Let’s Cook Together!) – a foodie event conducted by my three foodie bloggermates: Mbak Dheetong of Mlebu Pawon, Mbak Shinta of Berkreasi di Dapur Mungil, and Mbak Ayin of AG’s Food. Hoho! So surprised knowing that Bento won this month’s theme! (Do you agree with me?) --> Making bento is addictive – once you made it, you’d love to make more :D. Here, I won’t talk about what bento actually is or its history. For all I know about bento, I’ll summarize it into a simple idea --> Bento is a cute and yummy breakfast/lunch in a box, that’s all (^^)v. And I personally consider making bento is working an art :D.

Logo Masbar

Besides for MasBar’s entry, I made this bento special for my foodie friend, Mpok Belle of Aurora Belle in Autumn. I can’t remember exactly how long we’ve made friend – may be for 2 or 3 months, but it feels for me and her that we’ve been bound together as friend for a long time. I call her “Mpok” (Betawinese/Jakartan term of address to elder woman, just like “Mbak” in Javanese) since I consider her like my own sister. Do you think that our food blogger community is great? Yes, IT IS. She’s also one my “crazy” friends in FB hehehe (^^)v. But sob sob sob… She’s gonna go to some African countries *Nairobi, Kenya, and Zambia as long as I can remember. Or only one of them? Forget hehe* for a business that of course dealing with her study as a student of…. *hmm…. what should I call?* --> shortly, after she finishes her study she’s supposed to be a Gynecologist *alien name! I got this word from her :D*. She will be there for about three months or could be longer :’(. So Mpok, bring this bento as your lunch box when you go to Africa *but I’ll represent you to eat it! Hahahaha (^^)v*. What I actually wanna tell you through this cheerful bento are --> Go with smile, happiness, and optimism! Bring and create something better for the people there… Go go go Mpok Belle! Gonna miss you much! Do your best!* Hope that those three months won’t be such a long time :D --> (T_T) --> but, be q(^o^)p!!! Fire Up! GO GO GO!

Go Go Kitty Bento 2

Okay, now let’s talk about my post. My bento post for this time goes with the best-known Sanrio’s fictional character, Hello Kitty. Who doesn’t know Hello Kitty? (Wikipedia) Hello Kitty is a cheerful and happy girl with a heart of gold, Hello Kitty can bake delicious cookies, but she loves Mama’s apple pie even more. Hello Kitty was born on November 1st in the suburbs of London, England *I just don’t copy this last idea – Hello Kitty *an obvious and prominent Japanese fictional character* was born in England? %-)*. One more, have you ever realized that Hello Kitty doesn’t have any mouth? How is she supposed to talk and eat her delicious cookies and Mama’s apple pie?? *lol* hehehe. By the way, she’s the first Sanrio’s character that I know and is still my most favorite one! I remember when I was a kid I had a maroon jacket with Hello Kitty’s family picture on it. I did love that jacket - up to now, my grandma still keeps that jacket for me and I keep believing that this jacket is the best jacket I’ve ever had!

O yeah! I’m also happy that finally I could find NORI!!!!!!! But, since it’s not our local food, it’s kinda pricey – it cost me Rp. 45.000,- (T_T). I actually want to post one of my old bentos in my folder, but I want to post a new bento whose all ingredients are edible for this time. So, my old bentos with asturo paper will be posted next :P. And here you are what I have for my Go Go Kitty Bento for Mpok Belle!

Go Go Kitty Bento

The Characters:
Two Hello Kitties in Mouse Costume *cat in mouse’s costume???*
Two Little Cute Monsters
A Bee

The Others: *sounds like a title of a horror movie :P*
Curly lettuce
Boiled green broccoli
Hearts from carrot
Fried sausage rolled with fried egg
Hot crispy chicken chunks with oregano
Toasted sesame seeds to sprinkle
Go Go flags

How to Make:
1. Hello Kitty in Mouse Costume: Take a sheet of Nori. Cut an oval hole for Hello Kitty’s face (it’s up to you, mine was about 5-6 cm in width – the height is adjusted). Form warm steamed rice into an oval-round shape to make Kitty’s head (the size should be bigger than the hole you’ve made on Nori). Cover the rice ball with Nori, cut the exceed part of Nori. Make the eyes and whiskers from Nori and the nose from sweet corn. The ears are made from sausage (mine was ready-to-eat sausage), then attach them with tooth pick.
2. Bee and Little Cute Monsters: Sure you know the way how to make them by looking at the pics :D. To color hard-boiled quail egg with boiling turmeric water you can see the process HERE.

Go Go Kitty Bento 3

Ooooh, thanks God, it’s finally done! My fingers are so tired typing hehehe. Sooooo….

Good News: Yay!!! I’m going to go to Kediri for some days visiting my relatives there with my Mom and aunt tomorrow! Kediri… I’m coming!!!!!!

Sad News:
- Bye bye my blog for three to four days! Adios... (T_T)
- Sayonara Mpok Belle! (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) Gonna miss you… Hugs!

Now I've to pack - need to go home first! I'm in a hurry... My brother is waiting. See you folks! (^0~)>

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  1. Oh my goodness! What and incredible bento! I love all of the details and the photography is excellent as always.

  2. Thanks a lot Susan. Your comments are always encouraging :D

  3. Tata, I'm sure you can win the bento contest :o) Your bento and photography are perfect!!

  4. Thanks Mbak Lia. Btw, I just participated bento contest conducted by Cakuli *our MP friend* hehehe. Sure hope for a winning :D

  5. I'm sure you will Ta, I am the biggest supporter of yours d(^.^)b

  6. Yeayyy!!! Thanks a bunch Mbak!!! q(^o^)p

  7. wah makin lama makin canggih nih, sukses truss, ditunggu resep2 berikutnya...

    fotonya cantik n pastinya makanannya enak yahh

  8. @Mbak Winda: Makasiiihhh... nari gurita deh! hehehehe :D


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