Silkworm Bento

by - Saturday, October 10, 2009


I had made some bentos recently, so I’ve to post the bento’s old stocks from my folder to be filled by the new ones. Let me reduce the old ones by posting this Silkworm Bento. Okay my Silkworm Bento’s main ingredients go with steamed rice and fried hairy balls. The fried hairy balls to form the Silkworm were made from deep fried chicken meat balls coated with beaten egg and bread crumbs. The antennas were made from sliced red chili, while the eyes were made from… *you know… asturo paper hehe* - but I suggest you to use edible ingredient, nori. The greens are Kemangi leaves (Indonesian Sweet Basil leaves), Cilantro (Coriander leaves), and French Lettuce *In Indonesia we call it Selada Keriting or if I translate it loosely to English is Curly Lettuce --> Curly=Keriting and Lettuce=Selada). And those black sowing? Do you think they are toasted Black Sesame seeds? No, they aren’t. They are called Biji Selasih (Selasih Seeds) here. They look like Black Sesame but their seeds are smaller than Black Sesame’s and they’re flavorless. I don’t know what they’re called in English, anyone? I had looked for their English name on my Indonesian-English dictionary and I found “Basil Seeds”. Actually these seeds are not supposed for food – they are supposed to be the addition for fresh drinks or puddings. For drink’s addition, they are usually soaked with hot water until their outer skin emerges a thick jellyish coat – you can see my post HERE. I persist to use them for my bentos since they beautify my bentos and they don’t create any damages for the food’s taste --> as I’ve mentioned above, they are flavorless. But, I’ll absolutely alter them if I’ve already found the Black Sesame seeds. The last companions are flower-sliced boiled carrot and little tomato. FYI, I don’t have any shaped-slicers, so I always use my little sharp-angled-tip knife to make flower shapes or any other shapes – making bento sometimes need us to be a carver hehe. Why do I call the tomato the little one? It’s not a cherry tomato, because it’s size is bigger than cherry tomato, but I also can’t call it “tomato” only since it’s smaller than usual tomatoes *unimportant topic to be discussed actually hehe (^_^)v*. From the pics, sure you can only see three hairy balls. Is it enough for me? Nope! But don’t worry, I have extra hairy balls inside the steamed rice ;D

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  1. halo mbak tata, salam kenal..
    Seneng deh ngeliat foto2 masakan hasil karya mbak tata.
    ide ulatnya saya tiru boleh ya...

  2. Hai, Wani. Salam kenal juga ya :D. Thanks, tentu saja boleh. Happy bento ya!

  3. Biji Selasih also known as Chia Seeds

  4. @ayu_mestika: Thanks for the info, very appreciate it :D


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