Rice with Rolled Egg Blanket Bento

by - Sunday, October 18, 2009


Anything can give ideas for making bento; and so for the idea of this time bento. I got this bento’s idea from… may be something that has no connection with food. In the last week’s Saturday morning, when I was rolling a sponge bed after slept over at my friend’s boardinghouse, it seemed to me that the bed I was rolling looked like a rolled food *might be I was attacked by morning hunger at that time hehehe*. So I challenged my brain to think of an idea of any rolled food *for bento of course, because the following day, Sunday, was the time for bento-ing; yes, I like to spend my Sundays for bentoing*. What popped out from my brain next was steamed rice rolled with beaten fried egg then bound with green onion – great idea I thought! :D. On the next morning, I checked what I had in the fridge to accompany my rolled rice. What I could find were only some beef chunks, carrot, quail eggs, and Enoki mushroom. I cooked the beef chunks into Malbi Daging (Beef in Malbi Spice). While for the rest you can see on the pics :D.

Rice with Rolled Egg Blanket Bento

Things You Need:
Steamed rice
Beaten fried egg
Green onion
Malbi Daging (Beef in Malbi Spice)
Steamed carrot, flower-shaped
Enoki mushroom (I sautéed it for a while with light soy sauce)
Hard-boiled quail egg, colored with turmeric
Cucumber’s green skin to make the orange’s stem and leaf
Curly cabbage
Sesame seeds, toasted
Basil seeds

How to Make:
1. Rolled Rice: Form warm rice into oval-round shape. Rolled it with beaten fried egg which has been cut into adjusted width before, then bind them with green onion. Sprinkle it’s both points with basil seeds.
2. Little orange: Heat some water on a saucepan, add in +/- ½ tsp ground fresh turmeric. When the water is boiling and its color changes into reddish, put in the boiled quail egg. But remember this note:
In the process of coloring the quail eggs with water added with fresh ground turmeric, there are two possible colors that can be resulted:
  1. When you remove the quail eggs from the heat when their colors are still whitish yellow, their colors will be bright yellow after you cool them.
  2. When you remove the quail eggs from the heat when their colors are yellow already, their colors will turn to orange instead of yellow after you cool them.


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  1. I love this bento! Everything looks so delicious and beautiful. Your photography is fantastic, everything looks so crisp. :)

  2. Ohoho... thanks a lot Susan, yours too :D. Your comment really makes me fly *while grinning ear to ear hehehehe*.


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