Little Story from Home – Pancal, the Handsome Cat

by - Saturday, October 03, 2009


Look at this cat!
He is so handsome, isn’t he? He’s Pancal – Pak Poh’s cat. Pak Poh is my grandma’s youngest brother. I’m supposed to call him grandpa, but he’s not that old to be called with it. So I call him Pak Poh – Pak*Bapak* means father while Poh*derives from Javanese word Sepuh/Sepoh* means old, so Pak Poh means old father. Pak Poh and his wife used to look after me when I was a kid – they don’t have any children. I often stayed and slept at their house, just like my own house and they also consider me like their own child. But then I grew up and now I’m living away from them. They sometimes visit me at my boardinghouse when they miss me and bring me my favorite fruit, Salak Pondoh. Pak Poh is Salak Pondoh farmer, so he doesn’t need to buy it at fruit market; I always get Salak Pondoh fresh from the tree hehe. To get rid the home solitude from the lost presence of me, now Pak Poh and his wife has fourteen cats at their house. Yes, fourteen – every of them has a Javanese name *but I only remember some of their names like Sutini for female cat and Bimo, Pancal, and Teguh for male cats*. These fourteen cats cheer up the house, they like to meow. These cats are so lucky - they get enough food, comfortable home, and have an opportunity to have a bath once in a day! *If Pak Poh and his wife are busy, those cats will have a bath once in two days*

From these fourteen cats, Pancal is the Prince. By looking at the pick, you’ll agree with me – he’s a real fancy cat though he doesn’t come from fancy hairy Persian cat offspring and never goes to pet beauty shop hehe. And eventhough every God’s creature is an art and very special, Pancal has something more for me – he’s so real fancy for me *I mean his appearance is not PLAIN*. His black and white fur, his white whiskers, his white paws that make him looks like wearing white shoes, his eyes, his ears, and his artistic white hair above his eyes… Perfect creation, perfect combination, perfect art. Beautiful! Handsome Little Prince!


On one previous Ramadhan afternoon when I was walking to take some pictures around grandma’s house, suddenly Pancal followed me. He seemed like paying attention and had wonderment to what I was doing with my digital camera, Bleki. When I was capturing some flowers, he sat near me while looking at me with a full attention. When I continued my steps to get other subjects to be captured, he touched one of my feet with his paw from the back. I stopped my steps, turned my body, bowed and asked him a question, “Do you want me to take pictures of you too?” Then he stood in fron of me, looked at me and my camera. Perfect! Great shots! For me, he seemed like having is-being-photograped-by-camera awareness hehe. I then showed him one of his pictures from the camera’s LCD. He moved his head to the LCD, looked it for a while then lifted his front paws up and down to the air – it seemed that he was very happy with his handsome photo hehe, smart cat!

Pancal followed me for the rest photos capturing adventure that afternoon; he became my “assistant” hehe. It was so fun being followed and accompanied by him. Wanna know the photos I had taken with Prince Pancal? Just wait for my next post! :D

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  1. Awesome! I agree, this is an especially special kitty. Pleased to meet you, Prince Pancal!

  2. Hi Aunt Jenn, Prince Pancal is also GLAD to meet you hehehe ;D

  3. aaaaa ganteng bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet....idungnya pink lagi......i luuuuv pinky nose cat...

  4. @meinekueche: Hehehehe... Thanks a lot yaaa, Pancal loves your compliment ^^

  5. you're cat is cute, and exceptionaly smart, see! he can look at your camera straigthly :a:

  6. @jenny021: Thanks a lot Jenny for the sweet comments :D. *kisses to you from Pancal :D


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