Great Photos Taking Adventure with Bleki and Prince Pancal

by - Tuesday, October 06, 2009


was around three in the afternoon on Ramadhan month, an hour after rainfall. The ground was still little wet when I decided to go out around the house for capturing some photos to satisfy my hunger for the love of photography. Yeah, I fall in love with photography. Though for now I only know little about it and only being “armed” with standard digital camera, but Bleki has brought me a lot of happiness with his great work – Love you so much Bleki! When it was still raining, I just couldn’t wait to go out from home for taking pictures after the rain was over. I love the world after being showered by rain, so beautiful and fresh *don’t think about a horrible rain that causes natural disaster hehe*. Hmmm… o yeah, the smell of soil after a rain… I love it! It so brings me to my real village home atmosphere. So natural…

And below, you can see the results of my photos capturing adventure with Bleki and Prince Pancal. Hope you like them :D




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