Special Ramadhan Porridge with Opor Gravy

by - Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bubur Kuah Opor
I’m a porridge lover *Tata --> seriously thinking… what kind of food I dislike? --> Can’t figure out the answer :D*. Hmm… what a warm and yummy dish to fill our empty belly after fasting from dawn to dusk. Thanks Allah… it was so comfortable in my belly… I have a good news to tell you buddies, hahahaha *wanna laugh first* --> I’M NO LONGER ALLERGIC TO SHRIMP yay!!!! How come? Of cos I’ve trained myself to consume shrimps, small amount for the initial trials. In the very first trial, it was little bit hard, I had to convince myself that I could eat shrimp without getting terrible itchy and many small bumps on my face. I said to myself that I would be fine, no itches! It worked, though I could feel my lips were slightly itchy – but only happened on my lips and only for a while. For the next trials, it always worked. I also asked my friend who is allergic to shrimp to eat the shrimp that I tried. Actually her allergy is worse than mine But, when she was going to eat it, her mind suggested her that she would be allergic *she told me about it*. And the result? Yes, she was. On her next trial, I convinced her to eat shrimp with a condition that she must have had a strong faith that she’d be okay eating that shrimp, she wouldn’t get itchy. And??? It worked to her too! Then I got the KEY! That faith, the faith to convince ourselves that we’ll be okay. Although the truth can’t be proved scientifically yet, what I could learn from here was positive faith will yield positive result :D. And besides my genetic, I think my worries and negative feeling and thought about what would happen to me before consuming shrimp might have had caused the terrible effect of consuming it. And finally? Hohoho… shrimps do taste GOOOOOD…

NOTE --> For you who suffer from a big allergic to shrimp, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME hehehehe… Consult with your doctor (^_^)v

Porridge with Opor Gravy

150 gram rice, rinse well and soak overnight, drain
800 ml chicken/shrimp stock (made from 800 ml water boiled with chicken meat or shrimp or both combination)
Salt to taste

Shrimps --> peeled, deveined, rinsed then boiled with the water to make stock, drain
Shredded Chicken --> I sliced it instead of shredded it :D
Sliced rolled fried egg
Enoki Mushroom --> sauté for a while with soya sauce
Chips/Kerupuk --> You can use shrimp chips
Green onion, chopped
Fried Shallots or Fried Garlic
Candlenuts Sambal *you can see the recipe in the directions*

Opor Gravy <-- Click to get the recipe


1. Reheat the stock on a medium heat in a saucepan. Bring the rice into the saucepan, add some salt. Stir continuously with wooden spatula until you get the desired porridge thickness and the porridge is done. You can add some boiling water if your porridge isn’t done yet but the stock has evaporated. Remove from heat.
2. Candlenuts Sambal: Boil/Steam 3 red chilies with 4 candlenuts and 5 bird eye chilies. Grind the ingredients until soft with a little pinch of salt.
3. Place the porridge in a bowl, add its toppings and Candlenuts Sambal. Pour it with Opor gravy. Enjoy! :D


Bubur Spesial Kuah Opor

150 gram beras --> cuci bersih, rendam semalaman, lalu tiriskan
800 ml kaldu (ayam/udang/kombinasi ayam udang)
Garam secukupnya

Taburan dan Pelengkap:
Udang --> Hilangkan kepala, buang kulitnya, belah punggungnya, cuci bersih lalu rebus dengan air untuk membuat kaldu
Ayam suwir
Telur dadar gulung iris
Jamur Enoki --> tumis sebentar dengan soya sauce
Daun bawang, iris
Bawang goreng atau bawang putih goreng
Sambal Kemiri *resep di bawah*

Kuah Opor <-- Klik untuk resepnya

Cara Membuat:

1. Panaskan kembali kaldu, masukkan beras dan tambahkan sedikit garam. Aduk terus sampai matang dan mendapatkan kekentalan bubur yang diinginkan. Tambahkan air mendidih secukupnya jika bubur belum masak tapi air sudah habis menguap atau jika menginginkan bubur yang agak encer. Angkat.
2. Sambal Kemiri: Rebus/kukus 3 cabai merah dengan 4 kemiri dan 5 buah cabai rawit. Haluskan dengan sedikit garam.
3. Ambil bubur dalam sebuah mangkok, tambahkan pelengkap dan taburannya. Siram dengan kuah Opor dan sajikan dengan Sambal Kemiri.

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