Red Bean Soup

by - Friday, August 14, 2009

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A funny
story happened for this soup post. Before I made this soup, one of my boardinghouse mates told me that she was going for shopping in Hypermart, so I asked her to buy a French bread or baguette for me as my soup’s companion. But when she was back, she gave me the baguette and I was surprised knowing the one she had bought was a sweet baguette. I asked a confirmation to her why she bought the sweet one instead of the salty one *not too salty actually, a little bit plain*. She told me that she had no idea that baguette actually has sweet and salty version. What she toke was what she saw at that time, she never bought baguette before and it was the first time for her to buy it. I could only laugh hearing her explanation, what an innocent girl, thanks for buying the baguette for me dear :D. I couldn’t blame her for it was also my mistake not to tell her to buy the salty one haha. The sweet baguette had already been bought, but the show must go on. So, the sweet one was still involved for photography session :D. But later, I also enjoyed it with the soup. Little bit strange for the taste, but still yummy…..

Red Bean Soup

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800 ml beef stock
200 gram dried red bean, soak overnight
100 gram beef, dice into bite size
2 beef sausages, slice
200 gram fresh tomato, small dice
2 tbsp tomato pasta
½ yellow onion, chop
2 cloves garlic, grind
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste
Cooking oil to sauté

1.Boil the soaked dried red bean until tender. Set aside.
2.Boil the beef and water to make beef stock.
3.Sauté yellow onion, garlic, and other spices until fragrant. Bring into the pan the beef stock, diced tomato and tomato pasta. Stir.
4.Bring the boiled beef and red bean. Stir evenly. Let the soup cooked until somewhat thickening.

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  1. ngiler deh liat yang ini....scara pecinta sgala macem jenis sup...jadi pengen nyoba bikin...
    Eh,bentar lagi puasa nih...pasti blog ini sering2 aq buka deh...xixixi...:p(kulonuwun ma yang punya...)
    ato...boleh pesen ga buat menu buka???xoxoxoxoxo...*ngelunjak deh...
    dirimu tinggal dimana sih say??sapa tau bisa ketemuan....^^

  2. Hahahaha, bunda bisa ajah...
    Aku kosnya dibelakang kampus UNMUH Bun. Sama2 keluarga UMM kayaknya harus ketemuan nih hehe


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