Purple Sweet Potato Balls

by - Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Purple Sweet Potato Balls 1
I made this traditional snack when I was home loooooong…. time ago. Fortunately, it was a harvest time for sweet potato crops. Wow, what an abundant sweet potatoes we had at that time. One constant way that my grandma or my aunt to do with the crop is steaming them then enjoying them when they are still warm. Yea, that way, all the time. What a boring thing, isn’t it? So, I tried to make so fun with the purple sweet potatoes. I made it into little balls, filled it with grated palm sugar, and coated it with fresh shredded coconut. Looks like Klepon, but it doesn’t have extra additions such as glutinous rice flour and sugar for the dough. The potatoes bring their own flour and sweets. The pictures of this traditional snack are also the first photos I take with my new digital camera, Bleki, do you still remember the story ha? :D

Purple Sweet Potato Balls 2

Purple Sweet Potato Balls

Purple sweet potato
Palm sugar, chopped
Shredded coconut

1.Steam the sweet potato until soft. Peel and mash.
2.While it is still warm, take about one teaspoonful of sweet potato. Flatten it and fill with chopped palm sugar. Make into a ball. The chopped palm sugar will melt inside.
3.Coat with shredded coconut.


Bola-Bola Ubi Manis Ungu

Ubi manis ungu
Gula merah, cincang/serut
Kelapa parut

Cara membuat:
1.Kukus ubi manis until lembut. Kupas lalu haluskan.
2.Ketika masih agak panas/hangat, ambil 1 sendok teh penuh ubi yang telah dihaluskan. Ratakan, isi dengan gula jawa cincang. Bentuk bola. Karena ubi masih agak panas, gula merah di dalam bola akan meleleh.
3.Balut dengan kelapa parut.

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