Opor Ayam (Braised Chicken in Coconut Gravy)

by - Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We, Indonesians, usually have this food when we are celebrating Eid-ul Fitr or Eid-ul Adha. It’s usually served with lontong or ketupat (rice cake wrapped with banana leaves or coconut leaves). My Mom cooks it for special occasions only, like on my family members’ birthdays and Eid Celebration Days. May be you think that my Mom is so mean for she cooks it only on special occasions. Don’t get her wrong, she does so for she wants this kind of dish becomes special for those special days (yeaa.. I can say in order to keep her family aren’t bored with this dish :D). But I haven’t eaten it for a long time, so it’s time to make my own.


(Braised Chicken in Coconut Gravy)

½ kg chicken, cut into pieces then rinse well
600 ml coconut milk
1 stalk lemongrass, bruised
2 Indonesian bay leaves / Salam leaves
2 kaffir lime leaves

Spice to paste:
4 shallots
2 cloves garlic
½ tsp coriander seed
¼ tsp cumin
1 cm Galangal
3 candlenuts
Ground pepper, salt and sugar as desired

1. Heat cooking oil, sauté the spice paste. Add lemongrass, bay leaves, and kaffir lime leaves, sauté until fragrant.
2. Add chicken. Stir fry for a while. Pour in about 300 ml coconut milk first. Let the chicken almost cooked.
3. Add gradually the left coconut milk, stir evenly. Stirring continuously. Reduce the heat, simmer until chicken tender and the liquid evaporates. Remove from heat.


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