Obbi Balls

by - Monday, August 24, 2009

Bola Obbi 1
Happy Ramadhan… Wish a joyous Ramadhan for all of you who celebrate it :D. Here is my post, still, the continuity of Purple Sweet Potato Balls post. The following trial to use up purple sweet potato stock in home and is still using the same style, balls :D. But for this time, the ball is bigger than before, using fruit in it, and fried instead of steamed. The recipe is from old Nova magazine. What I like best from this post was its shot session, I used a green leaf as a prop. Refreshing for my eyes and I just love the color combination the photos resulted – little bit dark but merry :D. Oh yeah, I think this Obbi Balls are also a good snack for your Iftar time :D.

Obbi Balls

500 gram purple sweet potato, rinse well
3 tbsp all purpose flour
100 gram castor sugar
200 gram jack fruit, small-diced
100 gram sugar
75 cc water
¼ tsp vanilla powder (divide into two parts)
Sugar powder to sprinkle
Cooking oil to fry

1. Steam the purple sweet potato until done, peel, and mash.
2. Add the mashed sweet potato with castor sugar, a half of vanilla, and flour. Mix well.
3. Take a spoonful of mashed sweet potato, form into round shape then flatten it. Fill it with diced jack fruit, then form it into a ball.
4. Heat oil, fry the balls until brown. Remove, drain.
5. Sweet Sauce: bring into a saucepan: sugar, water, and the left vanilla. Cook until thicken.
6. Sprinkle the Obbi balls with sugar powder. Serve them with the sweet sauce.


Bola Obbi

500 gram ubi manis ungu, cuci bersih
3 sdm tepung terigu
100 gram gula kastor
200 gram nangka, iris dadu kecil
100 gram gula
75 cc air
¼ sdt bubuk vanili (bagi 2 bagian)
Gula bubuk untuk taburan
Minyak untuk mengoreng

Cara Membuat:
1. Kukus ubi manis sampai matang, kupas lalu haluskan.
2. Tambahkan ubi manis halus dengan gula kastor, setengah bagian bubuk vanili, dan tepung. Aduk rata.
3. Ambil sesendok makan penuh adonan, ratakan, lalu isi dengan irisan nangka. Bentuk bola.
4. Panaskan minyak, goreng Bola Obbi sampai kecoklatan. Angkat, tiriskan.
5. Saus Manis: masukkan ke panci: gula, air, dan sisa bubuk vanili. Masak sampai matang dan mengental.
6. Taburi Bola Obbi dengan gula bubuk. Nikmati dengan Saus Manisnya.

Bola Obbi 2

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