Mushroom Foo Yoong Hai (Chinese Mushroom Omelet)

by - Monday, August 24, 2009


I’ve been curious for a long time to try this kind of food. Its name is sounded so oriental that it must be a kind of Chinese food. Yeah, that’s right. When I heard its name for a very first time without knowing its picture, I completely couldn’t figure out the appearance of this food. What kind of food is that?? Later, to satisfy my curiosity, I searched it in google that next gave enlightenment about it. After seeing its picture I knew that it’s looked like an omelet, yea Chinese omelet. One of the main ingredients from a recipe I read that time was Crab meat. Crab??? O… it made my desire to try cooking up this dish fade. Crab=expensive for me and difficult to be found around my boardinghouse :’(. But, not too long after that I got a Foo Yoong Hai recipe which uses mushroom as one of the ingredients. Great recipe! Should give it a try :D. But I’m so sorry to forget the source of this recipe, if I’m not mistaken it was from Nova.

(Chinese Mushroom Omelet)

1 stalk green onion, coarsely chop
1 tbsp margarine
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp salt
1 clove garlic, smash then finely chop
10 shiitake mushroom, coarsely chop
5 button mushroom, coarsely chop
4 eggs, beat
½ tbsp all purpose flour
½ tsp ground white pepper

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp corn starch, dissolve with small amount of water
150 ml chicken stock/water
2 tbsp light soya sauce
½ tsp salt
½ tsp ground white pepper

1. Heat oil, sauté garlic until fragrant. Add all mushrooms and chopped green onion. Sauté until wilted. Remove from heat.
2. In a bowl, beat well eggs, flour, ground white pepper, and salt. Add the sautéed mushroom. Mix well.
3. Heat margarine on a non stick pan. Pour the mushroom. Fry until done. (I fried the omelet in two sections, but if you like you can fry it at once. I like thin and well-fried omelet :D)
4. Sauce: Heat the stock. Add it with oyster sauce, light soya sauce, salt, and ground white pepper. Before you remove from heat, add with corn starch. Stir well.


Fu Yung Hai Jamur

1 btg daun bawang, cincang kasar
1 sdm margarin
1 sdm minyak sayur
1 sdt garam
1 siung bawang putih, memarkan lalu cincang halus
10 buah jamur Shiitake, cincang kasar
5 buah jamur kancing, cincang kasar
4 butir telur, kocok
½ sdm tepung terigu
½ sdt merica bubuk

1 sdm saus tiram
1 sdt tepung maizena, encerkan dengan sedikit air
150 ml air kaldu/air biasa
2 sdm kecap asin
½ sdt garam
½ sdt merica bubuk

Cara Membuat:
1. Tumis bawang putih sampai harum. Tambahkan semua jamur yang telah dicincang dan daun bawang cincang. Tumis sampai layu. Angkat.
2. Di sebuah mangkok/wadah, kocok telur, tepung, merica bubuk, dan garam. Tambahkan jamur yang telah ditumis, aduk rata.
3. Panaskan minyak di Teflon, siram campuran jamur. Goreng, balik sampai kedua sisinya matang. Kalau Teflon kurang mencukupi, jamur bisa digoreng dalam 2 bagian.
4. Saus: Panaskan kaldu, tambahkan saus tiram, kecap asin, garam, dan merica bubuk. Sebelum diangkat dari panas, tambahkan larutan tepung maizena, aduk rata sampai agak mengental. Angkat.

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