Happy Monster Bento

by - Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Finally, after a long delay, I have a chance to post my bento again. FYI, I had been storing it in my notebook for couples of month before I posted it. I just thought this bento is too cute that I was so reluctant to post it directly after I made it :D. And I decide to post it because I have 14 bentos that are in queue to be posted right now. So, lessening one of my bento stocks is a must. Besides, it’s been a long time for my blog not being adorned with bento post.

Seeing the ingredients from the pict of this bento, I categorize this bento into my old-fashioned bento :D. Why so? From my 1st and 2nd bentos, I always used fried noodle and sausages as the main ingredients except steamed rice that one of my friends in Multiply said that my bento is identical with sausages hahaha. Yea, she was right, I did use such standard ingredients since only those ingredients I had and surely for financial reason *hahahaha again*.

You know, I’ve always been dreaming to possess cute bento’s tools and stuffs such as cutters, molds, food picks, bento boxes, etc for shaping certain shapes of bento. But frankly, sometimes by seeing their prices I think it will cost me hands and arms (T_T). So, what I can do now in making bento is only by using a knife, spoon, and fork (T­_T) *crying again*. But, I convinced myself that this condition won’t stop me to be creative and making some experiments with bento *fire up!*. Now, I’m trying to save some of my money to buy bento tools and stuffs :D.

Wanna know what I did to make this bento and what ingredients I used?? Check this green box below :D

Happy Monster Bento

1 egg ----> steamed and peeled, to make the Mommy Monster
3 quail eggs ----> steamed and peeled, to make the Kid Monsters
3 star-shaped fried tempeh
Beef sausages ----> flower-shaped, fried, then garnished with sweet corn on the middle
Carrot ----> little-heart shaped for the Kid Monsters’ antennas
Fried noodle
Steamed rice
Cucumber, thinly sliced then folded
Curly lettuce/French lettuce
Nori ----> to make the eyes
Fresh salad sheet, rolled (you can skip it)
Red chili, angled-slice (you can skip it)
2 cm fresh turmeric to color the Kid Monsters, ground

1. Heat about 200 ml water in small pan. Add the ground turmeric. Stir evenly. Bring the quail eggs into the pan. Cook the little eggs until they are yellow in color. Remove from heat, drain. Cut a little on their tops by using the sharp tip of a knife, then stick the little love antennas. Set aside.
2. Take the egg for Mommy Monster, cut one of its sides to make her mouth by using a knife.
3. Base a bento box with steamed rice. Then place some amount of fried noodle on one corner of the box to make the monsters’ nest. Place the Mommy and Kid Monsters on it.
4. The next is place the star-shaped fried tempeh in front of the mosters.
5. Garnish the edge area with the left ingredients. Actually you can arrange the pattern as you desire :D.
6. Cut Nori sheet to make the monsters’ eyes.

· Use a sharp knife to cut the mouth of Mommy Monster. My knife wasn’t sharp enough that resulted imperfect cut for Mommy Moster’s mouth (T_T)
· In the process of coloring the quail eggs with turmeric water, there are two possible colors that can be resulted:
1. When you remove the quail eggs from the heat where their colors are still whitish yellow, their colors will be bright yellow after you cool them.
2. When you remove the quail eggs from the heat where their colors are yellow already, their colors will turn to orange instead of yellow after you c
ool them.

· I used Asturo paper for the monsters’ eyes - in my town, it’s kinda difficult thing to find Nori *or maybe I haven’t known the store yet?*. Asturo paper isn’t used for food, I used it only for photography session – don’t need to worry, I didn’t eat it :D


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  1. monsternya imut bangeet ! hmm... looking sooo yummy ! :)

  2. Haha, thanks a lot Meta for your sweet comment. Very appreciate it! I think the little monsters like you so much :D


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