Good Bye Mbak Nana

by - Friday, August 07, 2009

Not too long ago when I was opening my facebook, I noticed that there was a new message in my inbox. The message was from Mbak Novie, seeing the title of it made my heart swishing… “berita duka” (a grief news). My hand was like hesitate moving the computer mouse to click the rest of the story that the message brings. The message told me that one of our kind foodie bloggers, Mbak Nana (Yohana) of Nana’s Food has passed away on July because of leukemia. What I could do at that time was only freezing. I thought He takes her too soon. I’m so late to know this news from her facebook because my friend request to her facebook was still waiting for a confirmation. Though I knew her only for a while, I can say that she was a really kind and nice person. She wasn’t reluctant to drop by on a new foodie blog like mine and she often gave me encouraging comments about my cookings as a newbie. May the Lord give her the best place, forgive her sins, and receive her good deeds. For her, thanks for friendship and nice recipes :D. All of your friends here will miss you dearly … Good bye my kind-hearted friend…

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