Cute Guinea Pig Bento

by - Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cute Guinea Pig Bento 1
I know, fasting month is actually not a right time for posting bento, but my yellowish and soon-to-fade green broccoli should have been rescued soon. Besides, I had to look for idea to use up my leftover bread crumbs that had been staying for a long time in the fridge. What came first on my mind when I saw bread crumbs was a hairy animal. So, what kind of hairy animal I could make at that time? Yeah, a Guinean pig was a great idea. Then I sketched the bento I was going to make on my bento book. FYI, I have a special book for drawing the sketches of bentos I’m going to make. Drawing the sketch first, will definitely help me much in arranging the bento’s pattern according to bento box I use and help me making assumption about how much ingredients I will need :D. Then, I will always give my autograph on every sketch I’ve made – it feels like becoming a designer haghaghag :D

Cute Guinea Pig Bento

Steam rice --> to make the Guinean pig and to base the bento box
Broccoli, boiled
Chicken nugget, fried
Egg, beaten then fried
Beef sausages, fried
Bread crumbs, toasted
Carrot --> to make flowers
Sweet corn --> to garnish the flowers
Tomato --> to make the pig’s nose, cut into oval shape
Cucumber, very thinly finely sliced then folded
Nori sheet --> to make the pig’s eyes (but as usually I used asturo paper since I didn’t have one :D)

Things You Need:
Bamboo skewers, cut into shorter length
Tooth picks
Plastic sheet

How to Make:
1. Guinean Pig: Take a sheet of plastic and place some amount of steam rice on it. Shape the rice into oval ball but is still somewhat round to create a fatty effect for the pig. Coat the rice with toasted bread crumbs, but be careful to left one of its points without bread crumbs coating to make the pig’s face. Make pig’s nose from tomato, attach to the face by using tooth pick. For the ears, make them from sliced sausages, then stick with tooth pick. And last, make the eyes, then put them on the face.
2. Rolled Egg and Sausages Satay: Roll a sausage with fried egg. Cut it into 2cm-thick. Pick the slices on a bamboo skewer.
3. Flowers: Steam a carrot then slice it into about 0.5cm-thick. Shape into flowers by using knife – if you have flower slicer is better. Garnish it by sticking sweet corn seed with tooth pick.
4. Bento: Base a bento box with steam rice (Don’t be too high). Put the pig on it and other left ingredients.

Cute Guinea Pig Bento 2

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  1. so cute.....tambah sayang nih mo maem nya....xixixi...^^

  2. Kalo qt yang makan ndiri ya emang sayang bgt Bun rasanya... Coba kalo anak2, pasti senang dan semangat hehehe


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