Bubur Sumsum for Ramadhan

by - Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bubur Sumsum
I always love this sweet porridge. It‘s always able to remind me to my childhood memory and brings me to home atmosphere. My grandma loves to make it, she usually makes it for morning or evening dish to warm our bodies from the cold weather. We are villagers whose home is located on the foot of Mount Kawi that has cold atmosphere – so, this sweet, simple, warm yet delicious porridge is always be a perfect dish for us. Oh God, I miss my home now (T_T) – Don’t worry Tata! You’ll go home soon for Eid-ul Fitr Celebration, InsyaAllah :D. For now, this sweet porridge has already filled me with home warmth that I’m longing with…

Bubur Sumsum for Ramadhan
(Indonesian Rice Flour Pudding with Sweet Sauce)

100 gram rice flour
650 ml coconut milk
1 pandan leaf, knotted
½ tsp salt

Sweet Sauce:
150 gram palm sugar
1 tbsp sugar
250 ml water
1 pandan leaf, knotted

1. Rice flour pudding: In a big bowl, mix rice flour, coconut milk, and salt until well incorporated. Make sure that there is no granulated flour. Pour the mix flour into a saucepan, add Pandan leaf. Cook on a medium heat and stir by using wooden spatula until thicken. Remove from heat, cool down.
2. Sweet Sauce: Put all the sauce ingredients into saucepan and cook until boiled. Turn off the heat.
3. Serving: Put the rice flour pudding in a glass or bowl. Pour it with its sweet sauce and serve warm.


Bubur Sumsum

100 gram tepung beras
650 ml santan
1 lembar daun pandan, simpulkan
½ sdt garam

Saus Manis:
150 gram gula jawa/gula merah
1 sdm gula
250 ml air
1 lembar daun pandan, simpulkan

Cara Membuat:
1. Bubur: Campur tepung beras, santan, dan garam dalam mangkok besar. Campur sampai rata, pastikan tidak ada butiran-butiran tepung. Tuang campuran tepung ke dalam panci, tambahkan daun pandan. Masak dengan panas sedang dan aduk dengan sendok/sutil kayu sampai mengental. Angkat, dinginkan.
2. Saus manis: Masukkan semua bahan saus ke dalam panci. Masak sampai mendidih, angkat.
3. Penyajian: Ambil bubur ke dalam sebuah gelas atau mangkok, tuangi dengan saus manis di atasnya. Sajikan hangat.

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