Gyoza Berkuah

by - Friday, February 20, 2009

Brrr........... lagi musim ujan nih, kalo sore gitu udaranya sering dingin, apalagi di kota Malang yang dingin ini. Jadi kalo sore pengennya makan yang anget-anget. Cari deh koleksi buku resep dan berjumpa sama si Gyoza. Resep asli Gyoza pake udang, karena daku alergi udang jadi isinya diganti ma daging ayam plus irisan bakso ayam. Gyoza itu biasanya disediakan sebagai menu tambahan di resto fastfood. Setelah dikukus, Gyoza bisa digoreng atau dimakan bersama kuah, sama sup contohnya. Tapi aku pake kuah bukan kuah sup, kuah ngarang hehehe. Oia, karena ini masak di kos, jadi kukusannya pinjem ma Bu Kos *malu..........*.

Gyoza Berkuah

200 gr filet dada ayam, cincang hualuuuuuusss
5 buah bakso ayam, potong 4 bagian
2 btg daun bawang kecil, iris
2 siung bawang putih, haluskan
1 sdt garam
1 sdt gula
1 sdm minyak wijen
Penyedap rasa secukupnya *opt*
20 lembar kulit siomay/pangsit

500 ml air
2 blok kaldu Maggie rasa ayam
2 siung bawang putih, geprek
1,5 cm jahe, geprek
1 sdm minyak wijen
Garam dan merica bubuk secukupnya
1 btg daun bawang, iris

Cara membuat:
1. Campur semua bahan Gyoza kecuali bakso ayam dan kulit siomay jadi satu. Aduk sampai tercampur rata.
2. Ambil selembar kulit siomay, masukkan 1 sdm adonan isi plus 1 irisan bakso ayam lalu bentuk menjadi bentuk dompet kantong. Rekatkan bagian ujung dengan putih telur hingga rapat. Lakukan hingga adonan habis.
3. Siapkan kukusan. Kukus Gyoza selama 10-15 menit sampai matang.
4. Hidangkan bersama kuah.

1. Panaskan air. Tambahkan kaldu, bawang putih, dan jahe.
2. Setelah panas, tambahkan garam, merica, dan minyak wijen.
3. Taburkan daun bawang setelah matang.


What I am used to do when the sky is cloudy accompanying by drizzling rain is sitting on a chair on my boardinghouse’s balcony while slurping a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and remembering about past memories. Friends, sometimes remembering past memories can be something enjoyable even amusing that can make us hardly laughing. For instance, not too long ago I remembered the most embarrassing moment that happened to me when I was in senior high school. When I was in the first year of Senior High, I was madly in love with a boy – he was a basket ball player *I liked him not merely because he was a basket player*, actually I like him since we were in junior high. Oh God, he was so gorgeous that he always made me freeze when I saw him *Oh… it sounds so junior and senior high haha*. When he was playing, I made a loud scream and yelled his name to give him spirit *I bet he didn’t know what my intention was sniff sniff*. Oh God, I was looked like a crazy at that time. But, I found my girls were seemed upset with what I was doing. I asked to myself, “What happened? Did I do something wrong?” My girls were not usually behaved like that with all my craziness. Yeah, they can accept whatever I am and whatever I do. But why they don’t with this time? Then I asked them, “Hey! Why you look at me like that? Is it wrong what I do? Why don’t you yell with me as usually? What happened with you all?” They only gave me a plain answer by shaking their heads. Then, one of them toke up her mobile phone from her pocket and sent me a short message telling me that the basket ball player’s girlfriend was precisely standing behind me. WHAT???????? Why they didn’t tell me as soon as possible? Then, with a massive bravery, I tried to turn my head back slowly and the girlfriend gave me a smile – a smile that meant: Wow! You are so ridiculous! OH NO!!! I felt that the enormous Jupiter struck the Earth suddenly and pinched me down deeply until the earth’s core. Where should I hide my face? At that time, I expected someone take me away from Earth – Going to Mars may be! It needs a long time for me to forget this definitely embarrassing moment.

Okay, stop talking about it! Remembering it makes me want to take a pee. Now it’s time to talk about food. Rainy season, it means a perfect time for something warm just like Gyoza. Actually I have posted Gyoza Soup in Indonesian recipe on my main blog, but I wanna share with you here. When you first see my Gyozas may be you notice that their shapes are not the same with ones you have familiar with – yes, you’re right! This is my first trial making Gyoza. But don’t get them wrong, they tasted so goooood. I made the soup’s gravy by my own recipe. The gravy tasted so light and gingery. What a warmable perfect dish for a cold rainy weather!

Gyoza Soup - A Perfect Dish for a Cold Rainy Season

For Gyoza:
200 g peeled shrimp, minced (I used chicken breast coz I’m allergic with shrimp)
2 stalks green onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon sesame oil
Chicken powder *opt*, as desired
20 sheets wonton wrappers

(The ingredients result 20 Gyozas)

Methods to make Gyoza:
1. Mix shrimp, green onion, and other spices well in a big bowl to make the filling.
2. Take a wonton wrapper sheet, fill it with 1 tablespoonful of filling then shape it into a pocket. Glue its edge with egg’s white liquid firmly. Do the procedures until the filling is used up.
3. Heat the steamer. Steam Gyozas for about 10-15 minutes until them cooked. Remove from heat.
4. Besides for soup, you can serve Gyoza by deep frying them.

For Gravy:
1000 ml chicken broth
3 cloves garlic, bruised
1.5 cm ginger, bruised
2 tablespoon sesame oil
Salt and ground white pepper to taste
1 stalk green onion, chopped

Methods to make gravy:
1. Heat chicken broth and add bruised garlics and ginger.
2. Then season the broth with salt, ground pepper, and sesame oil.
3. Before you remove the broth from heat, don’t forget to sprinkle it with chopped green onion.

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