Curly Girl Bento

by - Sunday, January 04, 2009

I’m mad about Bento box and this is my very first Bento project *wualah!*. I am so happy with the result. It’s started two weeks ago when I was exploring the internet; I met with some Bento pictures. OMG, they were so cute that I could not stand to make my own. So when I had a not too busy time I used it to make my first Bento. I wanted to make a simple Bento whose ingredients are easy to get and don’t cost a lot of money of course. So I decided to go with this “Curly Girl Bento”.

made from rice, fried noodle, fried sausage, curly lettuce (French lettuce) and accompanied by sliced apple and fresh Strawberries *I love the Strawberries sooo muuuchh, they were sooo cuuute*. The flowers and ribbon were made from fried sausage. For the blushes, I used hot tomato sauce. While for the eyes and cute smile, I used Nori *It was not easy to make them, needs a lot of patience*. I made my Bento with super simple tools *only a knife and a spoon* I do not have the “weapons” to make a super cute and fantastic Bento like a Bento expert maker have. I’m a beginner, but I think I have the “talent” *over confident ;)*. I was very excited and satisfied with the result and I was thinking that it was too cute to eat.

I had
this Curly Girl Bento as my lunch when I taught at SMAN 1. I enjoyed it with a box of Buavita juice and cheese wafer. My friends were very excited to see my Bento, but later they said that it’s more suitable for kids. I didn’t care; I’m not a child anymore, but if it is dealing with this kind of stuff I think I’m like a kid *??????????????????????*. They might be jealous because they didn’t have a cute lunch like mine, haha ;p

I think
I’m gonna make another Bento. Just waiting for a free time and I’ll sink myself in the bundle of joy of making my Bento. Can’t wait for it!

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  1. Hi Bonita!

    I'm a newbie in Bento. I'm so thrilled to find your bento blog. It is so simple and yet look so delicious and pretty. Hope you don't mind if I add you into my blogroll.
    Btw, come to my blog too and I would be very happy to hear your comment on my bentos.

  2. Hi, Mbak Jenny. So happy to have your visit here. Will be very honored to be one of your blogroll's members :D. I go to your blog right away :D


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